Training on Import /Export and Customs Rules and Procedures.

Event: Training on Import /Export and Customs Rules and Procedures.

Where: Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute Conference Hall. TCB Bhaban (5th Floor), 1 Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

When: 11, 12 and 14 May, 2014 (Please note that registration is still open)

Participants: Officials from both public and private sector can join the training.

Scope: This Training course will attempt to provide a sound understanding about import/export and customs rules and procedures. The course will address in detail issues such as:

  1. Overview of import and export procedure
  2. Policies Relating to Import/Export
  3. Documentation required for Import and Export
  4. Import documents
  5. Export documents
  6. Introduction to Customs Definitions:
  7. HS Classification and a brief description Bangladesh Customs Tariff (1st Schedule)
  8. Banking Procedure/ Role of Banks in Import/Export
  9. A brief on Acts related to Customs
  10. Roles and responsibilities of Stakeholders related to Customs Clearance 
  11. Procedures of Assessment and other Related Matters
  12. Automations in Customs
  13. Risk assessment and Post Clearance Audit
  14. Problem Solving and Review of the whole training program


The participants are expected to be able to handle these issues of their organizations accurately on completion of the training course. The training methodology will be highly participative.

Expected Outcome: The participants will be able to handle Customs Rules & Procedures and Import/Export issues of their organizations confidently and accurately on completion of the training course